Uptrends, the web site monitoring company.

Our goal at Uptrends is to be the best web site monitoring company and to help our thousands of customers decrease downtime or poor performance that would otherwise cause the loss of sales, customers and reputation. Customers in 23 countries rely on Uptrends to provide around the clock support from our offices in Europe and the United States.

Technology Infrastructure. End-end monitoring.

We have partnered with dozens of hosting providers around the globe to provide the infrastructure that serves as the backbone for our site monitoring software. This provides the redundancy and accuracy in sampling data upon which our customers rely and is only part of the reason Uptrends has become the leading web site monitoring company around the world.

Customers of the Uptrends site monitoring service

Uptrends products and services include guidelines for best performance practices. Companies of our site monitoring services include:

  • Online retailers
  • Technology companies
  • Hosting companies
  • Financial services companies
  • Governmental organizations

Users of our site monitoring services are:

  • C-level managers
  • Marketing professionals and ad designers
  • Product/Web site managers
  • Quality assurance engineers
  • Systems testers
  • Network administrators/operations managers


The Uptrends monitoring services

Uptrends monitoring services can be used for different purposes.

Monitor site uptime and availability

Minimize the impact of downtime for a site. Uptrends external site monitoring service allows you to monitor, diagnose, receive notifications and access detailed reports regarding the performance of your website and transactions. This ensures that your visitors and customers have around the clock access to your website and web services as intended. Do not lose visitors, revenue and customers because of downtime. Learn more about site monitoring.

Monitor and optimize web site performance

Uptrends site performance monitoring is a great way to identify bottlenecks on your web pages from the end-user’s perspective. It not only shows the response time of a webpage from the end-user’s perspective, but also shows the DNS and connection time, total download time and total size of all elements on the page. This means that we will review every image, script and style sheet in your web page, and display the load time and size of all these elements. This helps you to identify which elements slow down the user experience of your web page. Learn more about web site performance monitoring.

Web site transaction monitoring

Uptrends’ external transaction monitoring and application monitoring services helps you monitor, diagnose, and receive alerts and reports on the performance of your shopping cart, registration forms, logins and online services. This ensures that your visitors and customers have around the clock access to your website and applications as intended. Learn more about transaction monitoring.

SLA monitoring

Uptrends lets you verify your SLA (service level agreement) with independent, objective performance monitoring from an unbiased third party. Uptrends SLA monitoring service measures SLA compliance and monitors true uptime. Learn more about SLA monitoring.

Server monitoring

Uptrends’ external server monitoring services help you monitor, diagnose, receive notifications and access reports regarding the performance of your servers. This ensures that your servers, websites and internet-connected devices are up and running 24/7. Uptrends will monitor your server from outside the firewall and from different checkpoints around the world. The Uptrends server monitoring service makes it possible to monitor a variety of different protocols including http, https, connect, ping, SMTP, POP3, FTP, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Webservice http, webservice https, DNS and more. Learn more about server monitoring.